Last updated: June 23, 2022 Rawr! Explore our hottest reads of 2022 so far

Rawr! Explore our hottest reads of 2022 so far


The long days of summer are upon us. What better way to spend them than catching up on some great reads?

Here, you’ll find our most popular posts so far this year. Covering everything from retail trends and digital payments to customer service standouts, these are the articles our readers have been reading and sharing the most in 2022.

Summer reading: The changing consumer

The pandemic dramatically changed the way we shop. Our most-read articles include posts that cover changing consumer habits and how retailers can keep up.

Online shopping trends 2022: Pandemic-era habits settle in

As we entered 2022, retailers continued to struggle as COVID variants raged, inflation began to take off, and supply chain issues mounted. There’s no return to normal, as this post explains. Retailers need to face the reality that trends like omnichannel and BOPIS are here to stay.

Retail trends 2022: A CX and revenue playbook

With consumer preferences and market forces constantly changing, what can retailers to do to keep customers happy and drive revenue? This article is a comprehensive look at the top 10 trends reshaping the retail industry, including personalization, supply chain visibility, and sustainability.

Buckle in: The metaverse is here

Two of our top posts explored two topics that are rapidly shifting from the far off and far out to reality.

The metaverse: Definition, examples, retail benefits

The metaverse seems futuristic, but this year, it’s becoming more than hype. As more and more brands explore the virtual world, the metaverse is poised to radically change commerce and customer experience. Learn all about it in this primer from Amy Hatch.

Rise of the cashless society: Are you ready?

Something else that’s becoming more of a reality in 2022: The cashless society. Hard to imagine a world without cash, but as Amanda Magee reports here, digital payments took off during COVID and are becoming mainstream.

Customer service rises to the top

Businesses are under more pressure than ever to deliver exceptional customer service, so it’s no surprise that our post on what companies are doing it right is among the most read.

Brands with the best customer service 2022: No more status quo

In reviewing the top 10, Tracey Wallace explores how customer priorities changed during the pandemic and how brands were able to adapt and provide sterling service. It’s a fascinating analysis of modern customer service.

B2B sales trends: Getting closer to the customer

As brands double down on customer service, they’re refocusing on the customer throughout the rest of the business. In this post, SAP’s Grant Smith delves into the top trends transforming B2B sales and explains why success hinges on putting the customer first.

Rethinking CX for optimal experiences, better results

Despite all the focus on customer experience, there’s a lot of room for improvement. Two of our most popular post delve into what needs to change.

2022 commerce trends show CX needs a reboot

Customer experience is much more than front-office functions. In this post, Sameer Patel, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer, for SAP’s CX portfolio, makes the case for a CX reset that breaks down silos to deliver connected experiences across the entire demand and supply chain.

Seamless customer experience can make or break a brand

Customers expect a consistent experience, whether they’re dealing with sales or service. In this article, Jen Balin, Chief Revenue Officer at SAP Customer Experience, discusses the keys to consistency and how improving CX drives customer loyalty and revenue.

Know thy customer, follow the data

In order to provide exceptional CX that drives business success, companies need to truly understand their customers. Two of our top posts by our resident CDP expert, Chris O’Hara, focus on how brands can leverage customer data to get results.

CDP trends: Customer data platforms enter a new era

Chris’ debut post for FCEE was an immediate hit: An analysis of the evolution of customer data platforms, including the growing role of CIAM. He also explores the future of CDP, providing deep insight into opportunities for growth.

Redefining customer identity for the cookie-less future 

The rise of the privacy-first web has marketers scrambling. In this article, Chris examines how brands must change their approach to managing customer data as privacy rules take hold, and how new technologies help build trust.

And now for something different

Sometimes the posts that prove to be popular are surprising.

Embedded insurance: Definition, examples, benefits

The insurance industry isn’t something we cover too often, so we were a bit astonished at the success of this article. As it turns out, embedded insurance is a hot CX trend with benefits for consumers and insurers alike.

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